How It All Started
My curiosity and passion for homeopathy began years ago when my younger daughter, Virginia, was diagnosed with a third ear infection by the time she was ten months old.  The pediatrician recommended surgery to have tubes inserted into her ears, and in my heart, I  knew there had to be another option, but at the time, I had no idea what that could be. 

Later that same day, I arrived home and browsed through a local magazine and lo and behold, there was an article written by a homeopath about how homeopathy can successfully treat ear infections in children.  My prayers were answered!  Once Virginia began taking her  remedy, she had one more ear infection and then they became an occurrence of the past.  She has never had one since.  My love of homeopathy was born! 

My Education

Ten years later I returned  to school to study homeopathy and today I am a classically trained homeopath and graduate of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine where hundreds of hours in the teaching clinic combined with rigorous health and medical sciences courses trained me in the art and science of homeopathy and case taking. 

I am also a former elementary school teacher, and during this time in the classroom, my love for children was fulfilled every day.

Homeopathy has amazed me time and again.  Its ability to stimulate healing in people suffering from dis-ease on any level: physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual is what draws me to this brilliant modality of healing.  Homeopathy has benefited our family's health and well being deeply, purely and truly.  Our pets have experienced the powerful healing of homeopathy, too.  

My Family

My husband, Jeff and I have two wise, hilarious and fun loving girls, and two furry family members:: a loyal, discerning golden retriever, Hickory, and a magical cat, Merlin.  My girls have been insightful teachers for me and motherhood is one of my greatest joys.

Forest Homeopathy

Christine Marrin