Forest Homeopathy

Christine Marrin

Our Time Together~ Initial Adult Visit

When you come to see me for an initial visit, we will be together for approximately 2 hours.  During this time, I will listen to why you have come to see me and I will endeavor to understand you as fully as possible.  (Please see About My Intake Forms for more information.)  At times, I may ask you questions to further my understanding of you at the deepest level.  I will do everything possible to create an environment where you feel free to speak with me openly and frankly.   After our time together, I will take into account everything you have shared, and I will have a remedy chosen for you in about a week after your appointment (or sooner).  The cost of the initial visit includes the prescribed remedy. 

 The Initial Visit ~ Child under 16
A child’s initial visit takes about 1  1/2 hours (or less).  As above, I desire to understand the child fully and holistically.  It is important for me to see the child and interact with him or her.  I will have a remedy for the child in about a week (or sooner) and the cost of the initial visit includes the prescribed remedy.

 Follow Up Visits
Follow up visits generally last about an hour.  During this time, we will talk about how you are feeling after you have taken your remedy and together we will make a plan to monitor your health, symptoms and wellbeing.  Sometimes the same remedy will be repeated, sometimes a new remedy will be prescribed and sometimes I will take a “wait and watch” approach, if it is clear that the remedy is continuing to act.  This will all be explained during the follow up visit.

Adult Initial Intake ~ $225 + HST

 Adult Follow Up ~ $120 + HST

 Child Initial Intake~ $150+ HST

 Child Follow Up ~ $80 + HST

Additional Remedies ~ $10 + HST

Acute Consultations (for existing patients only) $60 + HST

Cash, cheque and eTransfer are accepted.