Forest Homeopathy

Christine Marrin

While I have a homeopath who prescribes me homeopathic remedies when I need help emotionally or when I am sick, I also have another constant place I go when I am feeling the need to reconnect with myself.  In this place, I think through my troubles, seek inspiration and creativity, lie on the Earth and have beautiful time with my family and girlfriends.  The forest.

The Forest Is Like A Remedy

For me, the forest is its own remedy.  I have received such solace and guidance from the trees and from the earth.  In this place of solace, I have laughed, cried, created, wondered and healed. The forest is a place of wonder and magic for me.  In fact many of our homeopathic medicines are made from plants, trees and animals gathered from forests around the world.

Reconnect, Revitalize and Restore 

 I believe that most people likely have a similar activity or place that helps them reconnect, and I think this is beautiful and necessary in today’s busy world.  For some it may be yoga, music, drawing, running or meditation.  The “what” is personal, meaningful and unique to each person.  And this “what” can be its own kind of remedy.  It doesn’t do exactly the same thing as a homeopathic remedy, of course, but it can help soothe the soul, bring about balance, restore breath and and be a source of joy and inspiration. 

 For me, because I love the forest so much and find it to be a place of magic and beauty, I go there often.  And in fact, there is myriad research pointing to the healing power of nature and how connection with Mother Earth is so revitalizing and rejuvenating for us. Biking, hiking, walking, gardening, swimming, lying on rocks, listening to the rustle of wind in the trees, canoeing, lying on the grass watching the clouds go by...the list feels endless.


For children, staying connected to the earth is so easy.  Most children adore being outside and they effortlessly find ways to be in wonder and awe - often by the simplest of things: a puddle, an ant, a ladybug crawling on a blade of grass, a fragrant flower.  I think it is so vital to help children stay connected to this wonder, as it helps them stay connected to themselves.